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December 30, 2023

MN in NM Part 3-Fiesta Time!

Friday, October 13

Coffee was brewed and we were bundled up and well on our way before 4 am. Traffic was light and the event staff were well organized to direct the coming crowds. With our early start, we were parked within a reasonable walking distance to the entrance gate and the Balloon Fiesta Park was in sight!

4:30 AM and all smiles!

It was all smiles and contented chatter as we took a chilly stroll along the main thoroughfare where one could buy souvenirs, chat with vendors, and partake in all the favorite State Fair-esque foods. It was time to introduce my Minnesota friends to a New Mexico delicacy, Navajo Fry Bread. FRY BREAD…ahhhh, a perfect blend of sweet, chewy, crispy flat bread, freshly rolled and fried to perfection. It can either be topped with powdered sugar, drizzled with honey, or made into a savory “Navajo Taco” with beans, ground beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato garnish. We went for the simple sweet version in both plain and blue corn. Much like the biscochitos from the prior day, the blue corn version won out as the favorite.

Eating Fry Bread

As the crowd began to grow, we made our way in the dark onto the Balloon Fiesta field, where crews for hundreds of hot air balloons were getting ready for the morning’s liftoff. A handful of patriotic balloons were inflating to signal the start of the day’s mass ascension, their vibrant colors illuminating in the dark each time the propane flame ignited to fill the balloon with warm air. And right before the sun began to reveal the outline of the Sandia Mountains to the east, the 6 “Dawn Patrol” Balloons launched, followed by a fly-by from our local Air Force base.

Rows and rows of colorful balloons surrounded us. And by the time the sun peaked over the mountains, hundreds of balloons were launched into the air. You can’t help but get giddy and smile at the spectacle and wonder of it all. It is truly magical, and as expected, my friends were delighted. The varieties of balloons, especially during this “Special Shapes” event, kept us busy with our cameras for hours.

Jodi, me, and Special Shapes Balloons

There’s so much to do in addition to watching the balloons launch! Concerts and fun activities on the main stage, shopping, chainsaw carving contests, fun challenges and competitions for the balloon pilots, and plenty of space to just hang out among the locals and visitors from all over the world. There are evening events like the “Balloon Glows” where hundreds of tethered balloons light up all at once as spectators mill around and delight in the colorful array. And of course, it’s worth staying around for the awesome fireworks shows, too!

Melissa is all smiles!

Once we had our fill of the morning event, we trekked back to our car and went on a hunt for a good New Mexican breakfast. We landed at an Albuquerque gem, the Range Café, and had our fill of Bloody Mary’s and darn good New Mexico comfort food!

Bloody Mary's at The Range Cafe

Next up, we decided it would be fun to park back at the loft and walk to the downtown train station to catch the Rail Runner up to Santa Fe. This was a beautiful way to relax, rest, and enjoy some sights while someone else did the driving. Passing through the unique southwestern landscape, historic pueblos, and arriving at the beautiful Santa Fe train station, we were ready to explore.

With its historic square, landmark cathedrals, art galleries, shops, and great restaurants, we enjoyed being on foot and experiencing this world-renowned city just 60 miles north of Albuquerque. By the time we got back to our downtown digs, we were exhausted and had clocked over 21,000 steps! But what a day!!

Next up you'll find out how Santa Clause and a Sparkle Fairy made their way into our adventures!

December 4, 2023

MN in NM: Downtown & Old Town

Thursday, Oct. 12

My husband and I put the finishing touches on our loft in preparation for the Epic Girl’s Balloon Fiesta Retreat. It’s been a long-time dream for our little place to host guests for this event, and the day had finally come.

Our "Urban Cabin"

Four beautiful, smiley Minnesota gals landed at our quaint Albuquerque “Sunport” and piled their luggage in our truck. Upon arrival at our headquarters for the trip, I was so encouraged by their reactions and enthusiasm for our downtown neighborhood and digs.

Hungry and ready to kick things off with some local fare, we walked to the 505 Central Food Hall, a great place to enjoy a variety of food and drinks. Like an indoor food-truck smorgasbord, there’s everything from coffee & pastries, tacos, smash burgers, subs, pizza, ramen, chicken fingers, to a huge selection of local brews. Oh, and may I mention the BEST green chile cheese fries I’ve ever had!

Smash Burger from 505 Central Food Hall

After a good dose of comfort food and great beers, we enjoyed a nice walk on historic Route 66 along the downtown corridor. We popped into Sumner and Dean, which much to my sadness will be closing due to the retirement of its owner. This gallery features one of my all-time favorite local artists, Angus MacPherson, known for his unique renditions of our southwest landscapes. It’s a bucket list item to own one of his large paintings someday, but for now I got to bring home a couple of his books: “Landscapes” and “The Pecos-Center of the Universe”.

Next up, we drove over to Albuquerque’s iconic “Old Town” where Lomas, Central, and Rio Grande Boulevard come together in historic bliss. A hot spot for tourists, fun shops surround the charming square with its green grass and large gazebo. A mariachi band was setting up, and the lovely sound of Spanish music filled the air. The famous San Felipe de Neri church, built in 1793, stands along the north side of the square as reminder of the rich Spanish history found throughout our state. Native Navajo artists sit along the sidewalks, selling their silver and turquoise jewelry. As you duck into age-old courtyards with brick walkways, an old wishing well surrounded by southwest plants and flowers presents a magical sense of the past sharing in the present beauty of it all.

Albuquerque's Iconic Old Town

In addition to every imaginable souvenir, we enjoyed perusing the handmade soaps and lotions, art, unique greeting cards, and the great wine tasting room, Noisy Water Winery! My personal favorite was their specialty olive oils and balsamic vinegars that could be sampled from large vats. Watch out for the habanero infused olive oil! It starts off with wonderful flavor yet packs a punch as it goes down. I snagged some blood orange olive oil, coupled with pomegranate balsamic vinegar, which we enjoyed with fresh bread as a late-night snack.

San Felipe de Neri Church

Knowing we had a VERY early morning coming the next day, we made a quick stop by a local gem featured on Diners Dives and Drive Thru’s, Golden Crown Panaderia on Mountain Ave. They were already sold out on their scrumptious fruit empanadas, but we happily made it out of there with a variety of New Mexico’s signature cookies called biscochitos. These crumbly, cinnamon and sugar-coated cookies have a hint of anise seed and come in wide variety at the Golden Crown (including Gluten Free). In addition to sampling the traditional flavor, we tried the chocolate, blue corn, and cappuccino varieties. The consensus was that the blue corn is king!

Arriving back to our “camping” spot, a huge pot of homemade green chile stew was simmering, and we busted out Albuquerque Tortilla Company tortillas and all the fixin’s. Few things are more beloved to New Mexicans as this simple stew made with chunks of meat (I like it with pork), roasted green chile, potatoes, a few seasonings, tomatoes, and broth. Top it with anything from sour cream and cheese, to onions and cilantro, and you have soothing meal that feeds your soul.

As the fall weather was setting in with a nice little chill to the air, we bedded down early in preparation for the 4 am departure to the Balloon Fiesta! It was a lovely day filled with fun and anticipation.

November 3, 2023

MN in NM: A Fresh Perspective on the Land of Enchantment

As the sun slowly wakes up this morning, I’m cozied up with my hand-made ceramic mug, painted red on the inside and the perfect hue of turquoise outside. New Mexico’s iconic Zia symbol and a hot air balloon are skillfully rendered at its center, and the warmth of freshly brewed coffee permeates its perfectly shaped form to my chilly hands. This treasure lives with me where I now reside in Minnesota but it is a welcome reminder of the recent time spent in my other home, the Land of Enchantment: New Mexico.

Originally from the Mid-west, my husband and I lived in Albuquerque for over 20 years and still have work, family, and life-long friends there. Recently, I had the joy of hosting 4 of my Minnesota friends, who upon hearing me gush about the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, pulled the trigger and made plans to come. I knew we’d have a great time; I just didn’t realize the impact it would have on deepening my love and appreciation for Albuquerque.

Having never been to this part of the Southwest, I only had 4 days to show my Minnesota friends all the best of New Mexico. It was important to me that we narrow it down to things that are unique to this charming part of the world. So, my husband and I went to work making a list of all our favorites sites, places, restaurants,and breweries.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing highlights of the places, food, experiences, and elements that comprised four days where the word “perfect” was often uttered. The weather…perfect. The food…perfect. The balloon fiesta…perfect. The tram ride and sunset on the Sandia mountain peak…perfect. Meeting a sparkle fairy and Santa Claus…perfect. Even being in the prime location for the once in a lifetime solar eclipse…perfect. It was like falling in love all over again with this place that I called home for decades. It may no longer be my primary home, but I’m proud to still belong in this unique and enchanting place.

The Special Shapes Rodeo at the International Balloon Fiesta

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